Yay! I made it! (again...)

I reworked my website, blog.. Everything. From the ground up, with the latest goodies that Laravel (😍) ships and some cool ideas for the future.

Why did I?

Well.. I just needed a fresh start. There are so many cool things coming up in the next weeks and months and I needed to have a platform where I can blog about them. So I decided to re-work my whole website.

What´s coming

There´s a lot of stuff coming up within the next weeks and months. Here´s a short list:

  • Video Courses
  • Customer Dashboard (Invoices, projects and so on..)
  • Exclusive artices (Subscribers only 🔐)
  • A lot of blog posts.. ✍️
  • Other cool stuff

Anything else?

Nope. No bullshit.