/dev/Blog/Post: Package: Laravel Jetstream Jumpstart

Package: Laravel Jetstream Jumpstart

Package: Laravel Jetstream Jumpstart

New day, new package.
Today I created a package for Laravel Jetstream that helps me to jumpstart my application.
Often I need to create some seeders in order to create users, teams and so on.

With Laravel Jetstream Jumpstart I don't need to do this anymore!

The package will do the following steps for you:
  • Create a user (and a team if your app supports the teams-feature)
  • Publish all the assets (components, views and config)
  • Install and compile your npm dependencies

Also you can save your configuration if you like in order to use it later if you want to create a user for example..

You can install the package via composer:
composer require --dev fwartner/laravel-jetstream-jumpstart

Running all tasks:
php artisan jetstream:jumpstart

Create a new user:
php artisan jetstream:create-user

The source is available on GitHub.

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