Inspired by Adam Wathan, Wes Bos, Freek Murze and many others I've put together this list of hardware, software and services that I use. I'll keep this list updated as my workflow and equipment changes.

Affiliate Disclosure
Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you click them and purchase the product, I may get a little bit of commission or discount on my own account from any sales.


Apple mac Mini (2020), M1, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

The Mac Mini is my every day work machine and it's amazing. When I was watching Apple introduce M1 I knew I had to upgrade immediately! I've always liked the Mini, but I'd never found them powerful enough. Previously, I had my MacBook Pro plugged in all day, every day which isn't good for the battery. I did suffer from the dreaded Bluetooth disconnectivity issues, but since switching off the 5GHz network on my WiFi Access Point, I've not experienced it since.

Apple MacBook Pro 16" (2021), M1 Max, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD

My workhorse for my daytime work! This machine is also amazing. I use my Pro for private stuff as well when working on the sofa in an evening.

Apple Magic Keyboard (With numpad), Spacegrey

No words needed. I love this one.

Apple Magic Mouse, Spacegrey

The mouse that fits my keyboard.

Apple Magic Trackpad, Spacegrey

Another thing in spacegrey. Unfortunately I am not using this pretty often.

iPad Pro 11" (2020) (2. Generation), 128GB, WIFI+Cellular, Spacegrey

I am using this every single day. Wether it's about my smarthome or watching videos while I'm already in bed. Sometimes I also take it with me when I'm out for relaxing times and the river. I absolutely love it!